Book Review

Event:                 On the Banks of Hudson River: My American Journey

                             The author, Mr. Chungchin Chen, will explain the purpose of

                             writing this memoir, and share his life stories as he grew up in

                             Taiwan, as a foreign student at UC-Berkeley, as a professional

                             urban planner, and retirement spanning over a half century in

                             the U.S., including some anecdotes of people and events in the

                             New York Capital Region.

                             八十自述─哈得遜河畔隨筆: 我的旅美生涯




Place:                   Town of Colonie Public Library

Date:                    November 23rd, Monday, 2015

Time:                    6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Registration:      Not required, open to the public

Sponsor:              Taiwanese American Cultural Society of the Capital District


Information:  or (518) 785-4843 (Larry Wang)

                                                                              or (518) 810-0314 (Town Library)

                               (Refreshment provided after the presentation)